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storyboard is a FFmpeg-based customizable video storyboard generator with metadata reporting directly embedded in the generated images. Reported metadata fields include, but are not limited to, title, filename, file size, SHA-1 digest, container format, duration, pixel dimension, display aspect ratio (DAR), scan type (progressive, interlaced, or telecined), frame rate, and per-stream metadata (type, codec, profile, dimensions, bitrate, etc.).


storyboard was inspired by the storyboards I frequently encounter on video-sharing Internet forums, mostly generated by proprietary video players. Those storyboards often come with video/file metadata bundled, which I see as a great all-in-one solution for video sharing, saving one the labor of typing multiple console commands, copying and pasting output, and worrying about the forum’s crappy formatting. However, I, for one, dislike proprietary players. Also, those storyboards are usually ugly and uninformative, using stupid fonts and lacking crucial information that hackers look for (e.g., hash). Therefore, I developed this customizable storyboard generator for hackers.

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